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We Pay You for Landing Your Dream Job


When you land your job using MyNewJobHunt just let us know – there’s  a brag button  for that…  We’ll send you a link to join our “Graduate Club” which guarantees you can use the program for the rest of your life for free AND pays you to invite your friends to use the program giving them a discount.   

So, each time you tell a friend about MyNewJobHunt* and they sign up, you get $50 right away and your friend gets a $50 discount.  We make it super easy with email templates which are built in to your job search dashboard.  Land a job and brag to your friends… easy!  Everyone wins.


Have you applied for a job lately?

How’d that work out? 

Probably not the way you expected.  Especially after reading stories about employers complaining about skill shortages and not being able to find people.

Here’s the real story of how you can avoid applying to job after job on the same job boards as everyone else— avoid being just another resume in the pile —and get the ideal, high-income position you’re really after!

If you don’t mind my asking…

  1. How many times this week have you applied to an online job board—responded to a job posting—and heard nothing back? 
  2. How many times have you sent in a job application and resume and cover letter with no success at all? 
  3. And how many times have you written and “re-written” your resume and cover letters without any response whatsoever?


Here’s the New Reality


Did you know that 90% of the ways you’re applying for jobs today are useless?

It’s not your fault.  These are the things you thought you were supposed to be doing to find a job—but HERE is the real problem:  Did you know that today’s successful job hunters don’t do the same things you’re doing to get hired—they use the new, easier, modern successful approaches—and they get jobs faster, easier and at higher rates of pay?

Their modern strategies and tactics would seem incredible to the typical job seeker.  They get call backs in the next business day.  They have their emails responded to the day they apply.  Some of these job hunters get job offers so quickly that they literally have conference calls where hiring managers are actually outbidding each other for their services. No joke.  It’s less about your qualifications and experience, it’s more your approach to the job search.  The older methods we all used no longer work in today’s digital economy.

Successful job hunters today using modern approaches get more job offers than over 50 “traditional” job seekers in 92% less time.

They get their moving expenses covered.  They get additional signing bonuses or additional vacation days.  They get offered unpublished jobs, which ordinarily wouldn’t be accessible by the every day job seeker.

And, in almost every one of these cases, these successful job hunters—without any additional work—get paid at rates of 1.25 to double as much for as much as what was originally posted!


How do we know all of this?

We are a team of professional recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professional.   And I personally, am the author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Huntersthe book that changed job hunting for hundreds of thousands of people and raised the bar on what it takes to stand out from the crowd and get hired in the digital economy.


Since initially writing Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters, there have been two other editions of the book because the market has again changed.  BUT we’re in tune with what’s changed {and a fourth guerrilla job search book is coming}.

We’ve seen over 500,000 job applications and resumes since that second edition in 2008.  When the economy started slowing down and jobs became more scarce, we saw more applications then ever.  The problem was we also saw so many job seekers applying for and following up for jobs in the absolute wrong way.

We also began to see certain job seekers that got jobs quickly. Very quickly.

And they got higher rates of pay.  What they were doing got them to the top of the line for any job they applied for.  We started seeing those job hunters getting offers way faster than anyone else with newer strategies and techniques (many straight from my Guerrilla Marketing books).  And strangely, they weren’t always the most qualified applicants.  So, we wanted to know:


What were these job hunters doing that got them jobs so fast?

We started to doing exit polls with successful applicants across the globe and analyzing their behaviors.  We asked 3,114 successful job hunters what they did to get jobs so fast, so easy and at higher rates of pay. 

What we found out was amazing:

  1. They did NOT simply post their resumes online, if at all. (Like everyone else did.)
  2. They rarely used the job boards (monster, dice, LinkedIn, etc)
  3. They looked for jobs differently.  They interviewed differently.  Their processes were different.
  4. Compared to 97% of job searchers today they did almost everything differently.

And their success?

Well that was different too.  It was astonishingly successful.

Over 70% of them got a job within their first two times approaching an employer directly and within 27 days. 

This was shocking.  Even for us recruiting veterans!

But it wasn’t magic.  They simply knew how to leverage the modern job search strategies to effectively demonstrate what HR pros, recruiters and hiring managers want and need to find jobs, get compensated better and effectively manage their career path.

So we compiled all of the feedback, data and answers, along with our own successful experiences from the Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp in order to create the online version of the Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp which we call… is the ultimate system for getting a job in today’s market, using the strategies and techniques that work today to get you the job or career that YOU desire and at higher rates of pay than you ever thought possible.

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What have successful applicants learned about the job search process?

You do not even have to “write” a resume anymore.  That’s almost irrelevant today. Here’s why:

  • If you use the modern job search techniques—as today’s successful job hunters do—you can get virtually any job you want! In other words, you may actually have to only apply one time to get the job you’re looking for.  You can also save a pile of money on the “exclusive” job boards where you need to pay for access—and you can save all of the $150-$300 in resume writing “service” fees and job board “upgrades.”  {BTW did you know many job search ‘gurus’ on the job boards actually pay to be a guru… yup even those big name boards.}
  • If you use the modern job seeking techniques, you can get you the job you want (and need) faster and more effective than 97% of all other job seekers out there.  You not only can get called back but typically get interviews and offers within days, not weeks or months—without the help of a resume writer or career coach—in any industry, city or country in the world.  This isn’t some trick.  It’s just the reality of using what works today vs. what worked a decade ago.  The rules truly have changed.
  • And most important, successful job hunters have discovered that you do not have to be rich, a “smooth talker”, possess any special personality traits, experience, education or references.  You need no technical knowledge whatsoever.  


15 Minutes a week to the perfect job?

Career experts today often cite success in the job market today depends on how and where you spend your time crafting your career and pursuing opportunities, not how much time you put in.   But if you accept that job hunting is your new full-time job until you land, you’ll land fast – very fast.  These career experts have discovered another key fact: it is not who you know that matters—it’s who knows you.

We couldn’t agree more. And successful job applicants today are proving it.

To illustrate our point, imaging someone famous. Let’s use Tom Hanks for example.  Somebody famous like Tom Hanks probably knows a lot of people.  Maybe he knows 2,000 people by name and face.  That’s a lot of people to truly know.  But think of how many people know who Tom Hanks is across the world.

10 million? 100 million? Maybe more?

The awareness quotient” is clearly in his favor.  From a career perspective, you need to get people to know who you are, to build your own awareness quotient, in order to be successful in the job market today.

Now—and this is important—if you had the knowledge to quickly make a few minor career search adjustments, with things you are probably already are doing each day, that would get you exposed to the right people in the next 30 days, and you could get known by people that want your services, in your industry and pay a premium for your services, you could avoid doing what “everyone else” is doing in the job market and bypass your way to the top jobs and offers.  Just like the modern-day successful applicant is doing.  In about 15 minutes a day.

If you don’t have this knowledge…if you do not make these adjustments to your job search strategy, then will remain in an extremely weak career position…you will continue applying for the same jobs on the same job boards with little to no success the same way most people do today.  It’s as simple as that.  To use an analogy, you pay a mechanic—not for his work—but for his knowledge. If you had that knowledge yourself—then you would not have to pay him at all.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have these career insights—24 hours a day?

But suppose you did have professional recruiters and HR experts who knew the new tactics and successful approaches to job search at your service 24 hours a day guiding you and looking over your shoulder.  Imagine how effective and easy the new job hunting process could be.

Perhaps you’ve been out of work for weeks, months, or years but now, armed with this knowledge, when you went about your job search you knew exactly what to say, what to write and what to do that would turn your efforts into results in just a couple of days.

Maybe you were just fired, let-go or downsized and you’ve got bills and debts to pay NOW.  Maybe you’ve been told you’re “under qualified” or “over qualified.”  Imagine knowing—without complicating your efforts—what would eliminate most of the job seeking faults you’re currently making, and instead put your name in front of the right people at the right time and in the right way getting you a job quicker and easier than ever.

Or perhaps you’re over 50 years of age and looking for work, thinking you’re at a career disadvantage….but you knew how to promote and exploit your seasoned talent, present it in the right way, to the right people that it actually gave you a competitive advantage in today’s market and get you a job faster than you ever thought possible.

Even if you currently hold a job, but you desperately need a change, this knowledge could show you a way to immediately locate and change jobs in your area of expertise, in less than one week, at more progressive companies, at higher rates of compensation, without any downside risks, saving you the $500-$4500 a “career coach” or headhunter would charge you.



What looks like in physical form

Are you using the best job strategies that will get you employed?

This is exactly what our new career system, the NEW RULES OF EMPLOYMENT, does for you.  This system was compiled by three of the country’s top human resource experts based upon research we conducted last year with over 3,500 successful job applicants as well as 1,500 hiring managers, HR personnel, corporate and external recruiters.

It’s not the opinion of one person or a couple of people.

Our system is based in research with actual successful applicants from today along with feedback from recruiters and human resource managers.  It’s based on what works.  In today’s market. And it’s guaranteed to save you $250 to $500 on “resume writing” fees…to save you as much as $4500 on career coaches—to save you as much as $1200 for annual “access” to exclusive $100k job boards!


Avoid some or all job search mistakes. will show you how to fix 90% or more of all your current job hunting issues yourself—using your own computer—anywhere you are.  There is no risk—because top applicants are already doing these things…successfully. There are already 1,000’s of people successfully employed with these approaches and thousands of human resources professionals and recruiters have already seen them work in today’s job market.  Simply put: it’s what is successfully being used today to get employed.

How to finally get employed quickly.

Our career management system is easy to use and implement.  It provides you with complete sections on all the core areas of job searching, communications, interviewing, negotiating, follow-up and technology.  It even has special, power packed career development and relationship strategies that are being used by the job hunters today.  These strategies help you not only get  a job today, but provide you with continuing job options (to chose at your discretion) for months and years to come.

It just works

And best of all there’s no additional work you need to perform. It simply replaces the old stodgy approaches to job searching with the new modern strategies for getting employed today that are easier and dramatically more effective.

What will you learn?

You’ll get inside knowledge.  It’s comprehensive and yet incredibly easy to use and put into place.  It’s outlined in a step by step fashion.  You get daily breakdowns of what to do each day


A one-stop-shop for job hunting and career management is online solution for job hunting and career management that doesn’t exist anywhere else.  It is the solution which job boards and social networking sites never bothered to build not because they couldn’t but because they wouldn’t.  Instead of helping job hunters find meaningful work, the job hunter became one of the products.  Your online digital identity is what they sell employers,  that,  and job postings.  Selling job ads is their priority.  Turnover and ‘churn’ benefit them!

With we’ve designed a:My new job hunt application

  1. Contact Relationship Management (CRM) System to help you keep track of your contacts, leads and interviews. {Think only for job hunters}
  2. This integrates with a Content Management System (CMS) to deliver my guerrilla job search content.
  3. Which rests over top of an Education Information Management System (EIMS) which monitors and manages your progress.

So if you’re tired of working hard and not getting any results for it may I suggest you try  Yes it comes with NO guarantee because we believe if you spend your hard earned money on this course you’re sure to make use of it 100%.  And if you have to borrow the money to do it you’ll be even more committed.  So as Einstein is credited with saying, ““The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

Stop doing what hasn’t worked.  Sign up for MyNewJobHunt and get paid for finding your dream job


One last thing, remember, we will pay you for finding a job and referring a friend

That’s not a typo.  When you land a job tell us and we will send you a link to join our ‘Affiliate Program” and when you tell a friend and they join you get $50 and they get a $50 discount.  The only limitation on how much money you can earn is how many friends you have AND of course you are using MyNewJobHunt to land your dream job.

The future is in your hands,





David Perry

Co-author, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0

Founder,  Guerrilla Job Search International

Managing Partner, Perry-Martel International Inc.